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Islam At Glance Islam At Glance

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Sir, i congradulate you :)

It's about time someone made a flash movie like this. This is a billion times smarter than most flashes which are published on this website. I have a few things which i need to make clear though:

Very well done! I am a Jew with many arab/muslim friends (some people might find this suprising) and i must let you know that i am grateful to you for making a flash movie like this! let this be a guiding flame in the darkness of ignorance.

Another thing i enjoyed was how you told people about the true meaning of islam which is peace and helping other people.

The last and most important thing i might add is man creates God in his own image not vica-versa. One mans idea of what God isn't necciserialy the right one.

P.S Hey ClickMe, your "Christian God," is nothing more than a man who was deified in the most sacriligous manner to aid the power of a growing church! Go burn in hell you mothr F***cker! God is open to everyone not just christians!

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Escape from Brighton Pier Escape from Brighton Pier

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Kick ass!

lick my dick!

rgrds, TheDivingClitCrab